In the 80s

It must be 80s week TV week (kind of), but for different and diverse reasons. First there was the return of the truly awful 'Gladiators' snapped up by Sky One (for the love of god why?) and the sad demise of everyone's (ahem) favourite TV prankster Jeremy Beadle. There must be more on the way.

Well everyone seems to love him now though let's not forget he was once the most hated man in Britain. I'm sure some of today's articles will mention YouTube and how he was the forerunner of all that kind of stuff. Fair play, I mean he did more for charity than most, which has to be worth a little pain. Oh wait…

I knew as soon as I stepped out of bed today what the Sun's front page headline would be and sure enough there it is: 'Beadle's Not about'. Possibly in poor taste. Who knows maybe the prankster ('Beadle's About') and purveyor of quality clips of children and animals falling over (You've Been Framed') would have appreciated it.

Beadle's show were well-watched, but it was cheap Saturday night television that ITV turned out year in and year out and later succeeded by the likes of Ant and Dec who are probably the spiritual keepers of the Beadle flame with their 'Saturday Night Takeaway'.

His departure comes as Sky One resurrects 80s/90s game show 'Gladiators'. A brash splash of primary colours as people hit each other with padded sticks.  

Sky doesn't make many programmes which is why it sent a press release about this to me six times yesterday.

In the US the writers strike has led broadcasters to put more reality shows onto the schedules – Sky doesn't have that excuse.

All we need now is the return of 'Blind Date', that other staple of the 80s. I'm not sure if this collection of shows all ran at the same time, but they are indelibly linked in some cheesy TV yesteryear which if you tried to explain to someone from another planet they probably wouldn’t believe you (yes we have human Zoos as well and we feed the inmates/inhabitants alcohol and laugh or not).

I'm betting ("hello is that Mr Paddy Power?") that 'Blind Date will be back any moment. Yesterday, ITV signed himbo-in-chief Vernon Kaye in an "exclusive two year deal". The good news is that Kaye (former host of another 80s revival 'Family Fortunes') won't appear on other channels. The bad news is that he will be hosting new shows that will probably involve the word "talent", but I'm sure will include 'Blind Date".

And if not that then a show called 'Blind Talent' or is that already airing? I'm confused. Maybe I'm being harsh – his first show will in fact be called 'Beat The Star', which I'm sure will be pure quality.

There must be other shows that can be shamelessly dug up from those dungeons deep in TV's vaults? Any suggestions?

  • Mark Bridge

    I fear “Love Island” isn’t buried deeply enough in the vaults…

  • gotnoteef

    Mr and Mrs – except dragged down further by the low-grade monkeys (Trisha audience rejects) that are willing to ‘play’.

    Watch out for fisticuffs and a lot of ‘bleeps’.

  • Andrew Wilson

    Cheggars Plays Pop – classic!

  • Ian Bell

    You Bet was cosmic