Channel 4 must act and remove bully

almost 400 complaints about bullying housemate Alexandra, Channel 4 is showing
itself full of weakness and indecision by its failure to remove her from the
house. We know why it is dithering. Last night’s show pulled in a combined 3m-plus viewers, but by leaving her in it condones her actions and sets an
unpleasant example.


have only seen clips of this year’s show so far, but you do not have had to
have seen very much of Alexandra to know that her swearing and shouting at
fellow contestants is deeply unpleasant.


Jim Shelley pointed out in the Daily Mirror today, she makes previous bullies
like Jade and Charley look like choir girls… well not as I remember them.

dangerous about people like her is not the aggression — just plain unpleasant —
but that she’s so deluded. Her rants are invariably capped off by the warning ‘remember I told you’. She will dismiss any disagreement with the
words ‘moving swiftly on’ as if she were Trisha holding court.

“This is a woman whose mindset is based
on conflict, anger and being right. Previous BB hate figures like Nasty Nick or
Charley Uchea have had another layer and been entertaining. But I just don’t
want someone like Alexandra in my living room. For the sake of the show and her
own safety, BB take her out now.”


4 is chasing ratings by leaving her in and it is working because the numbers for the
series are climbing, with 3m tuning into watch the show last night (including
Channel 4+1) giving it a 15.6% share, which is great for the broadcaster, but
it needs to show some leadership and act swiftly before this turns into a TV
car crash.

  • Awalla Fa’Shagba

    She is obnoxious and causes the good lady better half and I to wince, smile and grimace on her lack of argument skills and general bad personality. Remove her and C4 face a backlash of viewing figures. Maybe a secret slap on the wrist is on the cards.

  • Sean Murricane

    I’d also highly recommend Grace Den’ts take on BB, always very incisive (even though this year she;s writing *for* channel 4)


    Yeh F’cough Big BOREother