Battlestar Galactica goes constructivist with recruitment posters

The final half season of Battlestar Galactica is going to air on Sky1 in the new year and they’ve produced these promotional posters done in the style of Soviet Constructivism of the 1930s.



I think they’re very cool and am almost tempted to buy them as the five set posters are on sale at for $29.95. Okay, I won’t as clearly that would be too geeky for words, but I am stupidly excited by imminent’ish arrival of this televisual event that will bring a conclusion to one of the best bits of TV in recent years.






There are lots of spoilers around here and there for the final episodes (but don’t click unless you want to ruin the it all – you’ve been warned) after makers the Sci-Fi Channel split the final series in half having aired the first ten episodes in the first part of this year. All those months to wait to find out how it ends.





There are  lots of spoilers out there giving away details of who the final Cylon model is and what happens to the rag tag fleet having reached earth and found it a nuclear wasteland. 



If you haven’t already seen it here’s the trailer for Battlestar Galactica 4.5.

  • Will Callaghan

    Very nice. Cheers for posting them Gordon

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