Terrrifying BBC trailer watch at your own peril

Have you seen the TV trailer for BBC Radio 4’s Science Fiction series? It is a fine piece of scary advertising. The complaints are bound to rack up thick and fast for this cardiac arrest inducing trailer.


Other than the Today Programme, I never listen to Radio 4 despite some reasonably good intentions, but hearing the promo for this yesterday and seeing this I’m more than half inclined to listen to what the BBC has planned with programmes appearing on Radio 3, Radio 4 and Radio 7.


You can check out the full listings on the BBC website, but highlights include an adaption of HG Wells’ The Time Machine by Philip Osment; ‘Salmonella Man on Planet Porno’ (a group of male researchers, on a quest to discover the secret of the bizarre planet Porno, become sexual objects themselves) on Radio 3, which sounds totally mad. There’s an adaptation of Arthur C Clarke’s classic novel ‘Rendezvous with Rama’ and
an adaptation of  J.G. Ballard’s novel ‘The Drowned World’ about a
London that becomes a primordial swamp as global warming melts the


Better still there is also ‘Bring Me The Head of Philip K
Dick’, which is described as a darkly disturbing story (well it would be
wouldn’t it being Philip K Dick’) telling of a contemporary America where
faith, national security and the very fabric of time are under attack
from an unlikely and terrifying weapon invented by a shadowy research
unit inside the Pentagon while the android head of Philip K. Dick is on
the loose and wreaking havoc. His head clearly escaped from ‘Futurama’.


More quality comes in the shape of ‘The Sofa of Time’. A new comedy series starring Nick (‘Shaun of the Dead’) Frost. Apparently, it is said that those who sit on the Sofa of Time can be transported anywhere and to any time. That happens to me all the time.


Maybe best of all is a re-imaging of the classic British
sci-fi series ‘Blake’s 7’. That’s on BBC Radio 7 – well it had to be didn’t it? That comes ahead of the show being remade for TV by Sky One. It made that announcement last year, but nothing recent has been heard on that front.


Talking of  re-imaging have you been watching the final episodes of ‘Battlestar Galactica’? Sadly, there are only four episodes left ever and it has been a hell of a ride. Dark, bumpy and full of twists and surprises. Plus there was a reckoning, which turned out not to be a good thing if you only have one leg. Having been glued to it I have no idea who they are going to end it. Ellen Tigh though? What a shocker.



  • http://www.Seanie.info SEAN RUTTLEDGE

    FECK !

    They should have made the audio much quieter to lull you into turning up your sound rig to the max

  • http://www.nexusdp.co.uk/design-agency-blog/ Jason Edge

    I think that I have just messed myself.
    There have been plnety of virals like this going around but you don’t expect Radio 4 to use these kind of tactics. Good on them I say but I’ll never trust any ad of theirs again.

  • http://www.pr-consultant.co.uk/ Stephen Newton

    Are you sure your follow me on Twitter link is pointing at the right person?

  • Gordon Macmillan

    Stephen you’re right, i was GordnM, but decided to formalise on Twitter and go with the whole name. Cheers, will change.

  • Sarah Vernon

    I jumped about a foot. At work. Argh!