The joy(lessness) of random sex ads

Microsoft appears to have a few issues with the ads its serving in Hotmail. Readers we’re hearing from at Brand Republic are getting random ads for various articles of racy clothing and sex toys. Nice.

We’re as open minded as the next (as long as the next is not a dedicated Daily Mail reader), but we don’t want this in our email. We would complain about it, but apparently this would do us a fat lot of good. Readers who have complained to Hotmail are getting no joy.




A reader (as the industry saying goes) writes: “I’m as red blooded as the next bloke but also a family man. I therefore take offence at the way Hotmail for the last 2 weeks has been almost constantly serving ads for Pabo – some sort of Ann Summers type outfit. The lingerie ads were one thing but dildos and picture of couples using them – see attached – is another. I thought Hotmail was a bit more of a family show.



“I’ve complained 3 times and had no replies. Good old Microsoft customer service. A sign of a desperate ad sales team in a recession? Maybe.”


If you look closely at the bottom of the second ad you can see two people errrr having sex. I mean seriously. What next?
Is that what it is? Are times really that desperate that Microsoft is serving up this?

I have a Hotmail account, but I rarely use it preferring Google’s Gmail where you don’t get intrusive banner ads like that.

Wake up Microsoft.



  • Alastair Duncan

    other annoying ones are ‘credit check’ and ‘weight loss’ ads. is there correlation between the volume of mail in the junk folder and such ads turning up?

  • Daniel Shearman

    Bin bin bin

  • Alan Munro

    That’s good old fashioned ‘push’ advertising for you. Is there any difference (apart from the content) between this and the dross that you watch between programmes on commercial TV or see in the printed media or stumble across online?

    The crass vulgarity of the Pabo ads is just a distraction. The real issue is that we’re all just becoming less tolerant of advertising which is an almighty challenge for our industry.


    I really don’t get this

    Hotmail has been a FREE service for ever and ever yet people still see fit to complain that they’re not getting value for money from it ?

    C’mon srsly WTF ?

    I live in an affluent and staunchly conservative London suburb Yet I can’t walk down my high street without passing Anne Summers and its ever so “In your face” window displays

    We’re not in the Victorian era anymore, this stuff is surely not “offensive” is it ?



    Are you sure they’re “having sex” ?

    That’s a novel approach

  • Gordon Macmillan

    Sean, thanks for that, i just clicked on the link. i don’t know what they’ve having, but they are having something.

  • AwallafaShagba

    intimate tea ….

  • Stephen Newton

    Shocking! But don’t so sure about the Daily Mail reader next to you. You’ve obviously not come across (pardon the pun) Buff the Banana with Paul Dacre.

  • Gordon Macmillan

    Stephen you’re so right, there is also the DMs regular 10 women in undewear centre spread