DailyCaller.com to take on Huffington and Tina Brown

Don’t know much about former MSNBC and now Fox personality Tucker Carlson, but he launching a site called DailyCaller.com to take on the HuffingtonPost.com and Tina Brown’s Daily Beast.

Report earlier this week in the Wall Street Journal that says pundit Carlson will launch a “conservative-leaning news site that will aim to be an answer to the Huffington Post”.

“We’re sincerely trying to think through what comes next in journalism,” Carlson told the paper. “I think we can answer the basic question, which is: How do you keep reporting? How do you make reporting a viable business?”

As well as blog posts, Carlson is promising original reporting: “We don’t simply want to be parasites of other news sites. We want to be creators of news.”

The site will focus on coverage of President Barack Obama’s administration, I’m guessing from a conservative point of view.

But Carlson is no Bush supporting Republican. He has said in the past that he cares deeply about conservative ideas, but he does not care about the success or failure of any political party. And Conservative Republicans have accused Carlson of not being sufficiently conservative

As well as giving the likes of the Huffington Post and thedailybeast.com (for which he has written for and he’s a fan of) a run for their money (Carlson described it as a “general interest newspaper”) it will also try to outpace the conservative favourite Drudge Report.

There’s more on the website TV News Insider including this:

Daily Intel: So, all of the articles about your new project say that you’re competing with the Huffington Post. But isn’t what you are doing also competing with Tina Brown’s Daily Beast, which you sometimes write for?

Tucker: Even if I could, I’d never compete with Tina, both because I love her, and also because I’m not that stupid.

Daily Intel: Says: You love her? (Thinks: Does he mean in a Harold and Maude kind of way? Ew. Don’t ask that. You don’t want to know the answer.) Says: That’s kind of gross.

Tucker: And also true.

  • http://community.brandrepublic.com/blogs/reputationvimage/default.aspx candace kuss

    Oh Tucker is indeed a partisan hack imho. If you haven’t seen the famous clip of Jon Stewart tell him so it is worth watching: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vmj6JADOZ-8