BBC readies social media make-over

A couple of reports around today on the BBC’s social media plans saying that as soon as this weekend it will begin adding applications to support its most popular shows.

Broadband TV News says that the likes of ‘Strictly Come Dancing’ will get the social media treatment first and that the BBC is working on bringing in third party partners (such as buzz tracker), which cold extend to Facebook, Twitter and MySpace.


It quotes Anthony Rose, BBC’s controller of Vision and Online, speaking at the Social TV Forum in London, who interestingly talks about the status of the BBC in relation to the rest of the web.

“An island in this socially connected world is very tricky, you don’t just want to have BBC friends, but also Facebook friends if you have them already, so opening it up is very important.”


Sounds like a change in thinking to me. Much needed. The site also says the BBC is looking at some kind of real-time search that will
allow visitors to the site to “follow” content on the BBC and from
outside, which would then be delivered as a feed.

MediaGuardian has more on this and it says BBC sources have told it that that the new-look social media enabled site will be on stream by March and that the corporation is researching “what the next generation in social media will be”.


It also quotes Rose, he talks about innovations such as allowing users to comment on particular moments of shows while watching and see what other users said about the same moment “or simply rate moments with ‘Boo!’, ‘Good!’ or ‘Gosh!’.”  Sounds like ‘Strictly Come Dancing’ territory to me.



  • John Gallen

    Sounds cool. And thanks for the Broadband TV News link.. nice site with lots of useful info. Good post.