Labour bloggers keep spoofing Cameron (because he deserves it)

Labour bloggers struck last week and spoofed the airbrushed David Cameron ad that launched the Conservative Party’s election campaign and they are back with fresh spoofing including one detailing his plans for the BBC.

There are some great new spoofs out there and you can even make your own should you so choose. You can download the template here.


Here are some of the best. The BBC one is funny but really quite scary and I’m worried what this bunch of Corporation hating party will do if it gets in power. The ‘I love the BBC’ and ‘Madam Tussauds’ spoofs were created by Beau Bo D’Or.

It’s almost impossible to spot the difference. That could lead to worrying problems.



This NHS one was created by Go Forth, John Prescott’s site, that got the whole thing rolling in the first place.




Another favourite is this ‘Embarrassed by baldness?’ which was created by Gauche.




You can find these and others on as well as yet more airbrushed Cameron airbrushed posters on the websites of the Daily Mail, Mirror and Guardian. And it would be rude not to show this one as well by The Times cartoonist Peter Brookes.




Very early days, but what’s interesting so far and what will be more so going forth is how the wider community beyond the political parties and their new media strategists respond. This kind of work from Labour bloggers will no doubt be met in kind with Tory bloggers who have already shown a less fun and more vicious side to themselves with efforts to take down Labour MP Kerry McCarthy, which I blogged about recently.