Guido Fawkes gets knickers in a twist over airbrush spoof

Following the Labour Party’s decision to adopt the grassroots originated spoof mocking David Cameron’s airbrushed (because he’s worth it) poster Guido Fawkes has got all worked up and has labelled the move as stealing.

Tory blogger Guido Fawkes in rushing to label Labour’s move, which is a first, as such seemingly ignores several quite obvious points:

A) It’s a viral campaign and doh that’s the point. It is why Clifford Singer who created it made the template freely available (take a look at the new spoofs that have been added to so that others could spoof away – and that they have.

B) This is General Election 2.0 (10) and that’s what this campaign is going to be all about. It’s innovation and change and breaking away from the staid norm.

Guido Fawkes says Labour’s campaign team is devoid of original ideas. I’d say it was quite the opposite.

The Labour Party and its digital team has clearly been paying attention to what it going on in the real world where brands have been doing this kind of thing for a good while.

Adopting ideas from you community is not “stealing” or “devoid” of political ideas it is smart and shows that the party is in touch with, responding to, and engaging with its supporters.

Moreover, not sure why but Guido Fawkes takes time out to have a pop at Clifford Singer and calls him an “eccentric figure with a history of quixotic attacks from the left”.

Maybe he is (I don’t know), but I’m not sure what that has to do with his original point about lack of originality and stealing? Which are you hacked off with? Quixotic attacks or the “stealing”?

Amusing he goes on to offer some advice to Sue Macmillan (no relation), who heads up Labour’s digital team, and says that campaigns that only run on little visited websites don’t really work (referring to the official Labour Party site) although did he consider that blogging on it on Guido Fawkes kind of reverses that?

Let’s face it his blog is well read and respected by a large swathe of people. So really I’m sure there will be a note of thanks on the way for keeping the story going and spreading the word about airbrush Dave Cameron.

Oh and while I’m here former Brand Republic journo Jennifer Whitehead has been out and about in Hackney and just look what the good people of that borough are doing to Dave’s posters. You get the impression that someone out there doesn’t like him.

There are more to see on Jennifer’s blog.


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