Bill Gates joins Twitter as it releases old user names

Hurrah! Bill Gates has joined Twitter and is immediately on the case exchanging tweets with Ryan Seacrest (@RyanSeacrest) and Ashton Kutcher (@aplusk).

First tweet: “Hello World. Hard at work on my foundation letter – publishing on 1/25.”

A couple of retweets later and then it was Haiti related tweets to @RyanSeacrest and @aplusk and then he stopped. Maybe he went to bed, had more Foundation work was calling that or he had to rebuild his PC after as he did manage to rack up 167,720 followers in 16 hours and that is a lot of email. It probably killed Microsoft Outlook about 100 times over.



While we’re here I read that Twitter is releasing thousands of old Twitter names that have gone dormant. Many of these never tweeted or did so only a few times.

No one is sure how many accounts will suddenly become available, but according to Twitter’s own guidelines an account is considered inactive if it hasn’t been logged into or updated in over six months.

“Inactive accounts may be automatically removed from Twitter. To keep your account active, be sure to log in and post an update within 6 months of your last update.”

So now you know. Keep tweeting otherwise Biz Stone will take your account back.

There’s a little more on this on the Nextweb blog.


There’s a lot of Twitter related news around today and this is worth sharing as well. Forrester Research has just added Twitter data to its Social Technographics profiling data, which breaks down users of social media by different groups like “Joiners”and “Creators”, but it never included a group that covered Twitter or other social media services like Facebook where users make regular updates.

It has added these now slotting a new rung into his representational ladder model called “Conversationalists”.



“Conversationalists reflects two changes. First, it includes not just Twitter members, but also people who update social network status to converse (since this activity in Facebook is actually more prevalent than tweeting). And second, we include only people who update at least weekly, since anything less than this isn’t much of a conversation.

Conversationalists intrigue me. They’re 56% female, more than any other group in the ladder. While they’re among the youngest of the groups, 70% are still 30 and up.”




  • Stuart Witts

    I think they should apply this policy to web domains as well. Many a good million dollar idea has been scuppered by the domain already being registered by a hopeless dreamer :)

  • Gordon Macmillan

    Couldn’t agree more on. The whole policy of people buying up domains and sitting on them should be curtailed in some way.

  • Vijay Solanki

    The Dark Knight ends but Lego is forever

    • ChrisJReed

      which is more than Nokia is!