BBC news chief Sambrook joins Edelman to head global content

Very interesting news with PR firm Edelman hiring Richard Sambrook, the BBC’s director of global news, as global chief content officer.

What a coup for Edelman to get such a big hitting news journalist. They’ve clearly come up with a new big role for him that will see him work with clients including Bechtel, Coca-Cola, Hoffman LaRoche, Heineken, Nike and Unilever.

It highlights the change in what PR firms and the brands they work for are doing in creating ever more content. Money that might have previously been spent on advertising or other types of marketing is being spent on creating blogs, social media and video.

Sambrook will report to EMEA President and CEO David Brain and will be based in London and Global CEO and President Richard Edelman stressed Sambrooks’s “long-term and personal commitment to social media” and said he understood well how the audience was now “on the pitch (creating content)” and how content and news must be shaped by the needs of the consumer, and the new opportunities provided by social technologies”.

Sambrook is also going to assume leadership of Edelman’s global crisis and issues practice towards the end of the year as Mike Seymour stands down.


  • Tim Whirledge

    V interesting.

  • Graham Creative

    The re-tweets of this topic show no sign of slowing down. Which means two things: The announcement that Richard Sambrook will be joining Edelman – the world’s largest independent PR firm – as Global Vice Chairman and Chief Content Officer is BIG news. Secondly it means that people often hit the RT button without a second thought behind its significance. I’ve gone into more depth on my blog; it’s fascinating for sure:

  • Gordon Macmillan

    Interesting issue on the RT’s i think sometimes people will RT stuff that sounds good without reading it themselves. Personally I always click through before recommending a link.

    On Richard Sambrook though there is no question. It is a big appointment and significant.