On Cameron The Indie is pitch perfect as the Mail goes for queasy – Clegg just absent

For my money the Independent easily won the battle of the front pages today with its “brokered Britain front page splash” while the Daily Mail made me come over all queasy.



Maybe you will also need to take a seat as really I’m not sure it is possible for a headline to gush much more than this. Brown paper bag please. It is written, I’m guessing, as if it were Cameron speaking (if he spoke like this) and I suppose it being the Mail, which has been one of his numerous mouth pieces that is entirely fitting.




The Daily Telegraph comes over like a proud father, sitting back in that big easy chair marvelling at his (its good work) in playing a role in putting the man in power.




The Guardian strikes me as slightly depressed by the whole affair. As its leaders says it is not the “liberal moment” it sought, but then it made its bed.




On the other side so to speak the Daily Mirror gives Gordon Brown one of his final moments on the front pages and Cameron is reduced to a bubble.


As for the rest The Sun has: New Dave World — well that’s just bad, isn’t it? As has its behaviour been towards Brown in his race along with its Rupert Murdoch-owned stablemate — The Times, which has embracing change. I had really quite liked The Times prior to this election race, but it became so partisan during this race as it flipflopped from centre left to right that it was like someone (okay Rupert Murdoch) had lobotomized it.It is going to be interesting if the polarisation of the press, the way they have pushed so hard one way, during the race has any impact on readers in terms of sales in the next round of ABCs. I wouldn’t be surprised to see falls here and there as readers go elsewhere.



Of course, the funniest thing here is — who is the one person who doesn’t get a look in on the front pages, not a glimpse, that’s right Nick Clegg. Not even on The front of The Guardian. Let the new politics begin.





  • Norman Ingram

    Totally agree, especially the partisan stance of the Times. Fact is Labour did astonishingly well DESPITE the mass hysteria of a hostile media. So, looking at the newstands, apart from the Mirror, which will still support Labour there is no newspaper to buy which will offer a balanced view of the political landscape. Ahh well, now I can think what to buy with the £50 month I usually spend a month on newspapers!

  • Gordon Macmillan

    Norman, i think there will be a lot of people thinking about that cash. The media takes it fro granted that readers will continue to turn up and buy.

    I can’t after this election buy as i occasionally did the Saturday or Sunday Times. Sticking with the new look Observer.

  • Rory Sutherland

    I agree. But Blair received hysterical and uncritical support from all but two papers for about five years, and nobody much raised a complaint, as I remember.

  • http://www.homeslade.com Phillip Slade

    Its not just print media. Sky News appeared to think what the UK really needs is a version of the Fox Network, only with more shouting.

  • Gordon Macmillan

    Shouting does appear to be an emerging and valued skill by the Sky News team.


    Agree about the Indy’s cover. Far and away the best. It’s just fascinating to recognise how impotent the press have been throughout the campaign.

    The Tories were at 44% in the polls when the Sun announced its support. And despite that day of vilification from the right wing papers, Clegg ends up as Deputy PM.

    Was it the the Sun wot lost it?

  • Norman Ingram

    You mean the balanced and neutral approach by Adam Bolton? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1gkHwU4DRA8 Alistair Campbell played him beautifully. Actually I think the BBC is just as guilty of an anti-labour stance, and the only news station trying to adhere to good journalistic principles seems to be ITV.

  • Gordon Macmillan

    @Chris I think i saw quite a few people tweet that it was “The Sun that hung it”. All that backing from the currant bun, millions and millions in terms of media spend, and failing to move Cameron’s poll rating.

    @Norman agreed, Campbell was a maestro.

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