Labour isn’t working one of only two political ads to make Hall of Fame

Ad magazine Campaign has just published the results of a poll into the greatest poster ads to appear in the UK. There are only two political ads in there. No surprises which of those came top.

It’s the Saatchi & Saatchi created ad from the 1970s ‘Labour isn’t working’. The only other ad to make the Hall of Fame voted by around 10,000 people is an ad from 2001 for the Tories in Scotland targeting Labour and its 1997 promise on tuition fees.

No place for some of the other memorable ads that spring to mind. The 2010 election provided some great candidates for nomination. I’m thinking of the air brush David Cameron series of ads. Surely, worthy of a place?

Other campaigns not on the Campaign list that spring to mind are ones like the Tory ‘New Labour. New Taxes’. Obviously not a personal fan, but memorable none the less.

Then, of course, there is the despicable Tory campaign attacking Tony Blair portraying him with ‘Demon Eyes’. That’s not there either. I’m unduly sad about this, but would have maybe expected it considering the huge row it caused at the time. Maybe it isn’t political ads that stick in the wider public consciousness.

The list, which is predictably topped by Wonder Bra’s ‘Hello boys’ ad, includes Apple’s iconic silhouette ad for its iPod, ‘Dig for Victory’ from the Second World War and Lord Kitchener’s recruitment poster from the First. There are also quite a few sports ads. Notably the likes of “’66 was a great year for English football. Eric was born” and the “St Wayne” ad that featured Wayne Rooney bloodied with his arms out stretched.

  • Grilla Login

    Mister McMillan, the reason why ‘Demon Eyes’ doesn’t feature is simple: it ran as a full page press ad, not as a poster.

  • Grilla Login

    Mac, not Mc. Apologies, the eyes scared me.

  • Gordon Macmillan

    I could have sworn that ran as a poster, but I think you’re right it was a press ad.

  • Grilla Login

    Save your thinking 4 weightier matters, the price of bananas for instance, Mister Mac – I guarantee u it was a press ad, snota poster.

  • Sue Turner

    It ran as a poster.

  • Matthew Charlton

    All very good of course but same old posters again. God Save the Queen is my fav and doesn’t qualify I guess. Be nice to get some other areas involved and see some fresh perspective and celebrate outside of the 48 sheet bubble

  • Sue Turner

    Sorry, Grilla. Time plays tricks on us all…especially me.…/0,,449562,00.html…/m-c-saatchi-conservative-party

    Conservative Central Office was humiliated after ASA chiefs ordered an end to its Tony Blair “demon eyes” poster. Labour’s latest poster features a red … › … › January 1997 –

  • Gordon Macmillan

    Thanks for that Sue. I thought it had, but you are right about time and tricks. cheers

  • Grilla Login

    Guys, we r all right… [don’t take that as an insult Mister Mac + Sue 😉 ‘Blair Demon Eyes’ appeared only as a press ad [despite what the press, who appear unable to tell a press ad from a poster, say]. There were other ‘Demon Eyes’ executions that did run as posters: red curtains, purse etc…

    The Conservative Party’s poster campaign featuring the “demon eyes” has beaten Wonderbra to win the latest “most talked about advert” accolade, a survey revealed yesterday. The pre-election campaign, devised by the M&C Saatchi agency, gained more national press coverage than any other promotion in the last three years.