The UK riots by numbers – an infographic

An engrossing infographic detailing the damage done by the UK riots last week. It captures most stuff here pretty well, although as Harringay Online points outit has missed stuff such as Wood Green, which was hard hit on the first night as these pictures showed, and  Blackheath.

It breaks the riots down by numbers: fires, deaths and arrests. Not to mention the number of hours it took David Cameron to return to the UK (62.4) . It also details the staggering number of calls the emergency services received: more than 20,000 (click to enlarge).

Infographic via Promotional Codes

  • Adam Dovey

    Anyone in the industry NOT done an infographic on the riots?  That’d be news.  :D

  • Wilson Kiw

    These infographics have to stop!  That last pie chart doesn’t even show the total number of crimes committed – awful!!!!



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