Daily Mail illustrates Sherlock nudity outrage…with nudity

The Daily Mail makes no sense some of the time. Okay, maybe a lot of the time to some of you, but its outrage at the pre-Watershed nudity in the BBC’s rather excellent ‘Sherlock’ is a case in point.

The New Year’s day installment of the new three part series featured much of the actress Lara Pulver who plays Sherlock Holmes’ romantic interest, Irene Adler, who according to the Mail strolls “around with no clothes on a full 25 minutes before 9pm”.  Oh my word.

This was too much for the Daily Mail which declared it was a “mystery that Sherlock Holmes himself might struggle to solve – how could the BBC think that these scenes were appropriate for a pre-watershed audience?”

Indeed it is. Of course, it is less of a mystery as to why the Daily Mail decided to feature the biggest pictures of the sleek form of Lara Pulver that it could find to illustrate its story and to drive home its disgust at such flagrant nudity.

The Mail aside there were many nice touches to the news series of ‘Sherlock’ including tweets from Pulver’s character who tweeted as @TheWhipHand and Doctor Watson’s blog – although the hit counter still seems to be stuck on 1895.

Although of course, most will know this on screen joke was a nod to Conan Doyle who tried to kill off Holmes at the end of his second story collection, The Memoirs of Sherlock Holmes (1895).

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