The Guardian considers opening up a hotel

Harry’s Place got hold of this about The Guardian lookling at the idea to develop a hotel as part of an extension of its brand.

A kind of Guardian Soho House by the sounds of it with plenty of writers in residence. A newspaper opening a hotel would, I think, be a first. Although there is always William Randolph Hearst and Hearst Castle.

The Guardian has apparently been sounding people out by email, have a read:

The Guardian is thinking of developing a new hotel concept. An atmospheric place to unwind, broaden your mind and meet others. This would be much more than simply a place to stay and would offer an inspiring break for our guests. The hotel would offer a diverse programme of activities and events including workshops, debates and classes featuring guest speakers, writers, artists, chefs and political commentators.

“Or it could simply be a place to relax with others. A stay at the hotel would be a social experience with plenty of communal space. We are in the very early stages of forming this plan and your feedback will be valuable in helping us to shape it.

“Based on this brief description, how appealing does this hotel sound to you?


    I’m a Guardian reader but this sounds dire. I’d run a mile from a hotel which held “workshops on alternative lifestyles”. But at least there’d be a vegan menu. 

  • Mike Parker

    Oh blimey they cannot even make the newspaper pay for itself and that is the business they understand supposedly. This sounds like the result of a brainstorming session gone wrong! What if The Guardian was a hotel? One bit of blue sky thinking that should have been strangled a birth.

    Mike Parker