The Sun dominates chart of best newspaper TV ads with the Guardian second

Sun celebrates Page 3 with this ad - viewed 4.2 million times on YouTube.Unruly Media have put together chart of British newspaper TV ads from over the years based on social shares.

There are some classics here including the 1986 Guardian ad ‘Points of view’ created by BMP. It is consistently cited as a great ad and deserves its place here as does a more recent entrant from the same paper.

While the Guardian’s Three Little Pigs ad from earlier this year did very well, pulling in more than one million YouTube views, it is far behind the Sun and its ad from 2010 celebrating Page 3. The Sun’s ” the woman you’d love your woman to be like” racked up more than 4.2 million views.

Although it had the advantage of being around a little longer than the Guardian’s recent Open Journalism effort. The two ads do, of course, play to, ahem, slightly different audiences, which makes the Guardian’s success all that more notable.

As you can see as you look down the chart The Sun has scored six entries in the top 15 followed closely by The Guardian on three. The Sunday Times gets two and the Independent one (or two if you count the ‘i’).  I’ve added in five more just so you can see a few others, but again it

1. The Sun: Page 3 – the woman you’d love your woman to be like 4.2m

2. Guardian open journalism: Three Little Pigs advert – the Guardian 1m

3. Terry Venables singing Elvis’ If I can Dream in the new The Sun TV Ad

4. The Independent – litany

5. The Sun TV Ad – iPhone parody

6. The Guardian commercial – Points Of View

7. Sunday Times Ian Dury Advert

8. Football, brought to life – by The Sun Ad – Wayne Rooney’s Bicycle Kick Goal

9. The Guardian Newspaper_ football training Euro 2004

10. The Sunday Times Peter O’Toole ad

11. The Times Game World Cup ad – DIVE

12. The Sun – Let’s Make It Great, Britain

13. The Scottish Sun Advert Aug 2010

14. Independent i

15. Mail On Sunday – Two Tribes

  • Ron Manager

    Based on what? Lot’s of really good newspaper ads are missing and a lot of these had no effect on sales which is what they were intended to do

    • Woodyjr

      Isn’t anyone going to mention that the featured commercial (The Girl) is a direct rip off (or vice versa) of an old spice commercial?

      • Gordon Macmillan

        Fair point the Sun ad does we a sizable debt to the Old Spice ad. @haymarket-b0c06fce536c7bc87ca24b9d680c9baf:disqus the chart is based on social shares as it says at the top.