Nick Clegg auto-tune apology to become a charity single

Nick Clegg does Elton John, as sorry is the hardest word to sayUPDATED – It is a long way until the next election and there will be doubtless lots of fun digital initiatives on both sides along the way.

One man who can expect more than a fair share to come his way is Liberal Democrat leader Nick Clegg whose personal satisfaction rating was yesterday at its lowest ever with 51% Lib Dem voters dissatisfied with his performance. So a great day to make an apology. Well it is conference season.

Clegg chose yesterday to apologise for reneging on a Lib Dem pledge to oppose a rise in tuition fees only to make this one of the first things the dazzled by power yellow party did once getting into bed with David Cameron.

The Deputy Prime Minister said that the pledge had been a mistake, but that the the decision to almost triple tuition fees was correct. So half apology really.

The YouTube apology is, of course, worth a watch. Who doesn’t like to see a politician squirm. That is posted below, but better than that is this auto-tune version of his apology from The Poke.

UPDATE – Clegg has proved he has a sense of humour as he agrees to allow the auto-tuned version of his apology to be used as a charity single.

The Poke asked the Lib Dem leader via Twitter if it could use the auto-tune video as a charity single with all proceeds going to charity. Clegg agreed (also via Twitter) with all proceeds going to Sheffield Children’s NHS Foundation Trust (@SheffChildrens).

“Nick hopes that his heartfelt new single will make things good again with voters.”

If you’re interested here is the original. Apparently there is no easy way to say this as Clegg tells us that he meets “disappointed” people when he goes around the country. I imagine he hasn’t seen anything yet.