Mixing pop and politics – don’t do it

Clint Eastwood interviews an empty chair posing as Barack Obama at the GOP conventionA nice look here at how in the UK and the US pop and politics have mixed over the years and how misfiring or unsuccessful it has largely been.

This BBC clip features some classic of politics past not least Neil Kinnock and Tracey Ullman and one time Conservative favourite Kenny Everett.

Flash forward to 2012 and President Obama or Mitt Romney have both featured celebrities heavily in their campaigns at various stages including Clint Eastwood who made a high profile turn at the Republican convention.

As it goes down to the wire Obama is out with the likes of Bruce Springsteen, Katy Perry and Jay-Z at rallies in Ohio and Iowa.

Both Springsteen and Jay-Z will join Obama at a rally in Columbus, Ohio, on Monday, while Springsteen will also travel to Des Moines, Iowa, later that day to join First Lady Michelle Obama for the campaign’s last hurrah.

Springsteen and Jay-Z have been stumping for Obama throughout the campaign. Hova and his wife Beyoncé hosted a fundraiser at the 40/40 Club in New York in September, while Springsteen has appeared at several rallies in Virginia, Pittsburgh and a few weeks ago in Parma, Ohio, with Bill Clinton, according to Rollingstone Magazine.

This BBC piece features pollster Ben Paige from ipsosMORI whose advice when asked is “are you sure there isn’t anything more creative you can do rather than get this celebrity on screen?”.

He claims more than 90% of people surveyed claimed celebrity endorsement would make no difference to the way they voted.

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