Nurse in Lib Dems ad revealed as underwear model

Louise Cole on Berlei photo shootIs there anything the Liberal Democrats can do right? The party currently has an ad running on its Welsh site featuring a nurse and the strapline “A £600 tax cut for every ordinary worker in the country?”.

Except the woman featured is Louise Cole who is an underwear model for brands like Berlei and  Nike, Gossard, Wonderbra, Toyota, Harley Davidson and M&S.

So hardly “an ordinary worker”. It’s worrying that the Lib Dems couldn’t find a real nurse.

More amusingly, Cole stood against the Lib Dems in Henley in 2008 for the Miss Great Britain Party. They were dedicated to making Westminster “sexy and not sleazy”.  She got 91 votes.

Cole said:  “I once did a modelling job as a nurse. They must have used that.

“I’m not very good with gore and blood.”

Labour MP Jessica Morden said: “That the Lib Dems struggle to find real people to endorse them is no surprise given how quickly they betrayed principles for power.”