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Sunday Times acting editor to apologise to Jewish leaders over Netanyahu cartoon

A bad start to his new job for acting editor of the Sunday Times, Martin Ivens. He is to apologise personally to the Board of the Deputies of British Jews after publishing a cartoon that has been branded antisemitic and been disowned by Rupert Murdoch, according to the Guardian.

The cartoon, by renowned cartoonist Gerald Scarfe, depicted Israeli leader Binyamin Netanyahu paving a wall with the blood and bodies of muslims. It was published this past Sunday, which was holocaust memorial day. Read more on Sunday Times acting editor to apologise to Jewish leaders over Netanyahu cartoon…

The Sun dominates chart of best newspaper TV ads with the Guardian second

Sun celebrates Page 3 with this ad - viewed 4.2 million times on YouTube.Unruly Media have put together chart of British newspaper TV ads from over the years based on social shares.

There are some classics here including the 1986 Guardian ad ‘Points of view’ created by BMP. It is consistently cited as a great ad and deserves its place here as does a more recent entrant from the same paper.

While the Guardian’s Three Little Pigs ad from earlier this year did very well, pulling in more than one million YouTube views, it is far behind the Sun and its ad from 2010 celebrating Page 3. The Sun’s ” the woman you’d love your woman to be like” racked up more than 4.2 million views. Read more on The Sun dominates chart of best newspaper TV ads with the Guardian second…

Hacking scandal spreads to The Times as paper investigated

The Times is being investigated by the Metropolitan police over email hacking claims, according to a BBC report. There are few details available yet, but is another sign that News International can not shake-off hacking allegations.

News of the investigation comes after it emerged at the Leveson inquiry last month that a controversial 2009 Times article that outed an anonymous police blogger, known as Nightjack, was based on material obtained by hacking a Hotmail email account. Read more on Hacking scandal spreads to The Times as paper investigated…

Plans for Sun on Sunday on hold after arrests; News Corp loses second senior PR exec

Plans for the launch of the Sun on Sunday, which had been planned for April, have been put on hold following the arrests at the weekend of four current and former senior Sun journalist in connection with phone hacking, according to insiders quoted by the FT.

The plans to put the paper on hold come as News Corporation last night announced the loss of its second senior public relations executive in as many days as news broke that chief spokeswoman Teri Everett is leaving. She had most recently worked on shepherding the company’s PR efforts through a phone hacking scandal in London Read more on Plans for Sun on Sunday on hold after arrests; News Corp loses second senior PR exec…

Roger Alton as editor of The Times?

Stephen Glover speculates in the Independent today that Roger Alton could be stepping into the shoes of Times editor James Harding.

There has been speculation that Harding, only in the editor’s chair since December 2007, might be set for other parts of the News Corporation empire and as a former business editor of The Times there is a suggestion that he could go to The Wall Street Journal in a senior role.

Read more on Roger Alton as editor of The Times?…

Former Independent editor Roger Alton joins The Times

Roger Alton, who stepped down as editor of the Independent last month, has been named as an executive editor of The Times the day it unveils its new website.

The news broke late last night when the paper’s other executive editor Daniel Finkelstein, who is responsible for digital content, broke the news via a tweet.

Read more on Former Independent editor Roger Alton joins The Times…

One cup of coffee: Murdoch pitches The Times at £2 a week

When I heard the news this morning that Rupert Murdoch has unveiled his plans to charge for The Times my reaction was two fold: 1. Finally; 2. At £2 a week that’s a cup of coffee. Good pitch.

Okay so the deal is you can buy The Times and Sunday Times for £1 a day or £2 a week. The daily £1 charge is what the paper costs on a week day and I don’t think they’re expecting the majority of people who pay to vote for that option. I mean why would you? Instead for the price of one cup of coffee, give or take, you can have access to the paper for an entire week. That’s £2 online versus £8.50 offline.

That strikes me as a good deal. I understand the reaction that some people had that £2 is too much, but I think there was a danger for News International in charging too little. If it did that there was I think a chance that people would not take it seriously and would say that it didn’t value its own product highly enough.

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Paywall problems — Murdoch unlikely to launch on time

If you needed indications that something is not quite right with the whole pay wall revolution there was plenty today: Rupert Murdoch is still “looking at alternatives” for a spring launch and Steve Brill’s Journalism Online partners are small and local. Yikes.

The Times Online is meant to launch its much written about pay wall in the Spring, it recently appointed Gurtej Sandhu to oversee the venture, yet in a conference call to reporters talking about News Corporation’s results Murdoch had this to say.

“We’re looking at various alternatives – and I don’t think we’re ready to announce yet. We’re in the midst of a lot of talks with a lot of people that are coming to a head – and you’ll hear a lot more from us in the next two months. We’ll be charging for online wherever we have publications.” Read more on Paywall problems — Murdoch unlikely to launch on time…

Guardian CEO says charging for specialist content an option

Guardian boss Carolyn McCall has echoed other execs at the paper in ruling out a move to paid content, but said that it could charge for “specialist content”.

In an interview with the Financial Times, the Guardian Media Group chief executive said that while her position was not set in stone she saw no commercial evidence that pay walls generate returns. Read more on Guardian CEO says charging for specialist content an option…

ABCe’s spell bad news for Times and good new for

Here’s something to think about. You are Rupert Murdoch and you are erecting a pay wall around The Times in London in the Spring and your unique users take a 5% dive in December to put you 16 million behind the Guardian.

Ouch, I mean really. What else can you say? I don’t know. I have no idea about any of this but I am looking at the figures.

These figures are for December. We might have bought less newspapers but some of us were surfing a great deal more.

The Guardian is up by 3.32% to 36,980,637 million. The Mail Online is also up by even more to 5.1% to 32,843,958.

The Independent was up as well. Wore the Indy, which rose 4.71% to 9,347,658 million, is closing on the The Mirror dropped 8.73% to 9.7 million uniques. Isn’t that just a little embarrassing? To be more than 10 million behind the Sun Online? The Sun Online rose 3.5% to 20,907,012.

Back to the Guardian and Times Online. There is so much daylight between the two that you could hold a daylight saving convention (do they have those?). It can not be encouraging if you are about to put up a pay wall. I say that as a fan of the paper. I like The Times. I’m a huge fan of David Aranovitch.

The same question must apply to Times Online as it does to the Mirror. What is our closest rival doing so right that it grows and continues to do so and we go in the opposite direction at a faster pace? It is not an isolated fall. Times Online’s unique users fell in November as well down 1.65% year on year to 20.9 million.

So much so that it allows Guardian editor Alan Rushbridger to come out earlier this week and say that Guardian News & Media (which made £25m from online ad revenues in 2009) is putting is faith not in pay walls, but online advertising and free content. It could do that from a position of great strength.

Clearly, there is something to be done at the Times and it knows this. Earlier this week it promoted Daniel Finkelstein to executive editor online. As well as being involved in pay wall plans he will clearly be looking at what it is already doing. Looking at what works and what does not work so well.

He has overseen the paper’s Comment Central operation. Good work too, I would say if Times Online wants to repeat some of the success The Guardian has had in that area it has a way to go yet.

Maybe Finkelstein who is the paper’s former chief leader writer, a one time SDPer and Tory advisor, has some tricks up his sleeve. A drop to less than 20 million uniques says he’ll need them.

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